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Canada Is Sending The Immigration Signals To The World


Canada may be the most open country on the planet right now. Countries around the world have shut their borders, closed their airports, and imposed lockdowns to fight the deadly coronavirus.

On March 16, 2020, Canada unveiled special immigration measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, Canada has stated that no immigration application will be refused due to incomplete documentation. Rather, the federal government will provide applicants with more time to obtain their documents before it makes a decision on their application. Canadian government officials must work remotely to protect their health and safety as well as the safety of their families, friends, and communities. They are also responding to competing priorities to navigate this crisis which is requiring them to divert their attention from their day-to-day immigration responsibilities.

Consider that despite all that is happening in the world, Canada continues to hold Express Entry draws. Four Express Entry draws have taken place in the three weeks following the travel restrictions being announced, including two draws on April 9 that saw Canada issue a total of 3,900 invitations to apply for permanent residence.

  • Permanent residents outside of Canada are being accommodated in a number of ways. They are still able to travel to Canada.
  • Some international students are exempt from Canada’s travel restrictions, but Canada took a step further recently to try to accommodate even more international students.
  • Time will only tell if Canada chooses to take its PGWP flexibility one step further.
  • Canada has sought ways to make it easier for employers to hire TFWs by loosening Labour Market Impact Assessment rules in priority occupations in the agri-food and transportation sectors. Such flexibility is crucial to helping employers access workers to help sustain Canada’s food supply.

In the medium- and long-term, immigrants will be key to keeping Canada prosperous since they will spur economic activity as workers, consumers, and taxpayers.

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