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Do You Know Where CANADA Immigrants Coming From

As per the new data released by IRCC, Canada welcomed 74,000 new immigrants between January and until the end of April 2020 though it faced interruptions, it is processing immigration applicants of its best. Just before the pandemic lockdowns, Canada Immigration Minister announced their ambitious plan to Welcome over 1 Million New Permanent residents between 2020-2022. Canada was continuing to welcome high levels of Immgration.

The following comprise the top 10 source countries of the 74,000 people that gained PR in the first four months of 2020:

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Philippines
  4. USA
  5. Nigeria
  6. Pakistan
  7. Syria
  8. France
  9. Iran
  10. Brazil

So far, immigration from China has been slightly higher in 2020 than in recent years. Chinese immigrants have accounted for nearly 10 percent of newcomers compared with 9 per cent in 2019.

India leads the way as usual:

India remained as the leading source of Canadian PR Visa holders over the last few years as  many of its citizens speak English fluently and possess other key characteristics that help them become eligible for Canadian immigration such as having university and/or college credentials and professional work experience. They accounted for nearly 24 percent of new PR's in the first four Months of 2020.

Impacts of  COVID-19 on Immigrant Source Countries:

COVID-19 had a great impact on the source immigrant countries to canada during the rest of 2020.

Distribution of Immigrant source countries may alter the second half of the year as there are coronavirus related disruptions that are limiting the ability of permanent residents to come from abroad to Canada currently. Despite the impacts of the travel restrictions, it is still in the interests of candidates to go ahead and submit their Express Entry profiles and immigration applications during the pandemic if they have the ability to do so.

Also, there will be no impact or may be a little on Canada's Source immigrant countries as it includes individuals within Canada who recieve PR later in 2020 eventually travel to canada and the new invitations to apply for permanent residence that have been issued since the start of the pandemic also go to nationals of these top source countries.

IRCC is being more lenient during this time to help people achieve their Canadian immigration goals in case of any difficulties.

Canada’s special immigration measures during COVID-19

Canada is expecting a significant surge in immigration applications once global travel restrictions begin to ease. For the slow spread of COVID-19, Canada implemented travel restrictions adhering to strict social distance and remote working measures. IRCC continues to do its best to fulfil its mandate to temporary foreign workers, international students, visitors, permanent residents, citizenship seekers, refugees, asylum claimants, and Canadian citizens and also seeking to be proactive by developing new processes, strategies, digital systems etc.,.

Canada is still holding Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program PNP draws at the moment, plus also processing study and work permits, and enabling immediate family to enter the country Under Canada’s current Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022

IRCC, for example, would like to utilize digital processes whenever possible to minimize the need for in-person or paper-processes. This would not only protect the safety of IRCC and the public, but could also result in more efficient and faster application processing.

As such, IRCC is looking for a vendor to support its modernization efforts in the following ways:

  1. Develop tools and technologies to rapidly increase IRCC’s operational capacity so it can handle current manual application processing challenges and the anticipated surge in applications
  2. Develop digital tools to address new social distancing requirements by reducing the need for in-person meetings through digital solutions (e.g., online citizenship testing, and visa and citizenship applications)
  3. Identify digital technology solutions for IRCC’s case management system
  4. Identify how to automate certain processes so that immigration agents can focus more of their time on complex immigration applications
  5. Incorporate data analytics solutions to provide insights on operational volumes and processing capacities so that IRCC can effectively respond to changes in Canada and abroad
  6. Develop strategies to strengthen IRCC’s cybersecurity

By seeking to modernize its processes through the use of technology, IRCC should be in a stronger position to accommodate even more foreign nationals once the pandemic is over.

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