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Who Can Come To Canada Updates By IRCC


Canada has released new information on who can travel to the country in this situation. Canada has had travel restrictions since March 18 but has been providing frequent updates to keep foreign nationals informed about their authority to enter Canada. Travel Restrictions Exemptions have been announced and even most recently, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the immediate family members can enter Canada.

Who are immediate family?
The immediate family of Canadians and permanent residents are limited to:

  1. Spouses or common-law partners
  2. Dependent children
  3. Grandchildren
  4. Parents or step-parents
  5. Guardians or tutors

Immediate family can enter Canada if they meet the following criteria

  1. Trip to Canada is at least 15 days long 
  2. Immediate family self-quarantine for 14 days when entering Canada
  3. Immediate family do not have COVID-19 or symptoms of the coronavirus
  4. The trip is non-optional and non-discretionary
  5. They are coming to Canada to be with their immediate family 

Recommended documents

IRCC recommends that immediate family provide the following documents:

  1. Documentation showing that their immediate family is a Canadian or permanent resident
  2. Documentation showing their relationship to the family member 

Paper and electronic copies of the above documents are acceptable by IRCC.

Similarly, those looking to enter Canada to be with immediate family who are temporary residents are recommended to show copies of their family member’s work permit, study permit, temporary resident permit or visitor’s record, as well as proof of their relationship to the family member, and written authorization from IRCC.

IRCC notes they will soon publish more information.

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