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Canada Welcomes Immigrants


America’s temporary ban on immigration is set to come into effect now that President Donald Trump has followed through with a promise he first made on Twitter.

Trump signed an Executive Order that will suspend the processing of permanent resident applications made by those outside of the United States for 60 days. It contains some exemptions; for instance, the ban will not apply to health care professionals or researchers seeking to enter the U.S. as immigrants to help combat COVID-19.

Canada will not be adopting any similar immigration suspension, according to a Radio-Canada report. Despite the havoc the coronavirus has wreaked onto the global economy, Canada still recognizes that immigration supports the labour market and the country’s economic growth. Canada welcomes three times as many immigrants on a per capita basis than the U.S.
Though it has also enacted temporary restrictions on foreign travel as part of its efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, applications for permanent residence are still being approved and the government is still holding immigration draws to invite more people to submit permanent residence applications.

Canadian provinces have more immigration powers than U.S. states. Immigration is a matter of shared federal-provincial jurisdiction under Canada’s constitution. This enables the provinces and territories to manage their own immigration programs so they can welcome newcomers that meet their economic needs. Canada has more control over its borders which is critical for public support. Prior to coronavirus, Canada had seen higher levels of irregular migration than in recent history, with thousands of asylum-seekers crossing the Canada-U.S. border.

Canada is still allowing exempt immigrants, international students, and temporary foreign workers to enter the country. It has also announced more lenient measures to help accommodate immigration applicants who are not able to submit their complete documentation to the federal government because of coronavirus-related disruptions.

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